“Music Styling services for select hotels, lounges, restaurants & private dinners.”

Why THEY Lounge?

The name implies THEY as in "You know what THEY say." or "Who do THEY think they are?." The THEY Lounge concept appeals to the modern day hotel patron. (The THEY Lounge brand has been featured at the Thompson Hotel, The Hotel Gansevoort - TIFF Special Event), The Cosmopolitan Hotel and many more. Our Music Stylists create a certain musical atmosphere that coincides with our clients brand view. THEY Lounge provides more than just a DJ, it provides a evening musical theatre.

The extensive track list plays to a more mature thinking, worldly audience. Music Genres include: lounge, world, electronica, electro- synth, smooth jazz, classics, film scores, free design, new age, groove, soulful house, dub, soul, 80ís, modern and much more. The THEY Lounge concept has be featured at a Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's TIFF Party.

Past & Present Clients
Thompson Hotel Kiwe Kitchen Restaurant
Cosmopolitan Hotel Lobby Bar/Restaurant
Pantages Hotel Morocco Chocolate Restaurant
Hilton Hotel Toronto International Festival - TIFF
Gladstone Hotel Experience Communications - Rogers
Hotel Gansevoort (TIFF Special Event) SoHo House (on the grounds of the Shangri-La Hotel)


THEY Lounge at the Thomson Hotel; most Thursdays from 9pm to 2am.

Email Address: admin@dconcept.ca

Davidson Elie, Conceptualist
Email Address: davidson@dconcept.ca

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THEY Lounge is a dCONCEPT.


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